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Lip Blushing

Learn the amazing art of Lip Blushing by Farrah who has been trained by some of the best artists/educators in the Permanent Makeup industry.  Having over six years experience in permanent makeup Farrah continues to take courses and attend conferences to continue her education and learn the newest techniques, latest machines and best pigments and products on the market.

Course is 3 full days

Completion of Certification

Professional Kit

Continued Support

Cost: $3200.00

Non Refundable Deposit $500 due to reserve your dates and payment in full is due on the first day of training.

For more information please text Farrah at (626)627-5414

Lip Blushing is a form of permanent makeup that is much more soft and transparent.  A technique that creates soft pixels all over the lip with a faint lip line to enhance your shape in a very subtle way.


This style of lip blushing is still soft but with a brighter color.  this will heal about 30% lighter and the client wanted a more obvious lip line.

The photo on the left are her lips with healed lip blush done by me 4 years ago.  They heal and fade evenly.  If your client wants her lips to always have color then a yearly color boost is highly recommended.


Hyper or Hypo Pigmentation is also a contributing factor is failed lip tattoos. Color Theory and knowing skin anatomy is very important.  I have done many color corrections and dark lip neutralizations and learning from someone who has work to show is very important.

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